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Kim Fowler
Published by: Kim Fowler on 23-Aug-23
Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 18 August 2023



Recap of Aug 18 LIVE Affiliate Marketing training with George Kosch, Bootcamp Instructor and CEO of




This Worldprofit training session welcomed new Members, provided guidance on the best way to get started, included time savers for the busy, PLUS frequently asked questions and answers.
Participants can ask for demos of Worldprofit software, get instant answers to questions, and direct assistance from George during this 1 hour session.
All training is recorded for those Worldprofit Members unable to attend the LIVE session, watch when convenient for you or watch again to let this good-for-your business info really sink in.  


  • A warm WELCOME to all our new Silver and Platinum VIP Members and welcome to our Worldprofit family 
    Start your online training, watch the 2 VIDEOS on Lesson 3 to see HOW to get ALL your INCLUDED bonuses!  
    Lesson 3 is important so you learn the fundamentals of promotion. Promotion skills are essential to your success as an affiliate marketer!
    Worldprofit, and co-founders George Kosch and Sandi Hunter teach you and provide all the tools and resources to get you going and growing  
    The training is go at your own pace, most lessons include videos, skip ahead to topics of most interest and value to you but whatever you do, DO NOT SKIP Lesson 3!  
  • How to set your Commission Payout Preference. How to see what you earn sales commissions on, how much, and when and how you get paid for sales referrals.
  • Where to find the services included in your level of Membership, free vs Silver vs Platinum VIP Membership
  • Worldprofit's LIVE Business Center. What it is, how you benefit. How to be part of the Monitor Team
  • How to use your INCLUDED Ad Tracker. How it works, how to find. How to get the ADVANCED Ad Tracker as a VIP Member
  • How Worldprofit's system is working for you behind the scenes 24 hours a day to allow you to focus on 1 thing, PROMOTION!
  • How a free sign up leads to your first sale then mores sales!
  • Building your list, getting leads, and traffic for ANY Affiliate program using Worldprofit's trusted time tested platform
  • How to access the COOL TOOLS. Recommended optional services, software resources from Vendors we use and trust  
  • DEMO: How to add Banners, Code, Widgets, Chat etc to your Worldprofit hosted website
  • DEMO: Your included PROSPECT MANAGER. Lead organization, and easy follow with included Emailer. Option to use AI to write your email copy. 
  • DEMO: Your own YouTube Channel. George Kosch shares what you need to know, why this is something you should do. How to use AI for YouTube production and promotion. 
  • DEMO: How to use Worldprofit's AI to write your copy, blog, articles, Youtube script, Ebook, headlines, ad copy, Autoresponder letters and MORE
  • DEMO: How to add customizable AI Talking Avatars to your Promotion and Marketing
  • PREMIUM Advertising options for promoting your Affiliate links
  • Included free advertising for promoting your own programs - where to access - included value for being an upgraded paid Member 
  • UPDATE: George detailed some helpful changes have been made to the Multi-Commissions section of your Member area. 
  • UPDATE: New PROMO CODES added to Worldprofit's PROMO CODE Center. This is FREE promotion for all your Affiliate Links - only at  
  • Platinum VIP Membership. George detailed item by item ALL the extras you get, software, traffic, leads and MORE - PLUS get DOUBLE the commission rate for sales referrals
  • DEMO: How to use Worldprofit's INCLUDED AI to grow your Affiliate business? Access on LEFT MENU under WORLDPROFIT AI - included at no extra cost
  • DEMO: Worldprofit's FastTrack Advertising Co-op. We post the ads, you get the Sign ups. Easy! Perfect for Members short on time or who are just getting started.
  • Worldprofit's Exclusive leads, where they come from, how good are they, how to get your hands on them.
  • Worldprofit's Custom CLICKBANK Store Builder
  • Worldprofit's Marketplace Builder software
  • HELP! How to get help, support, direction as you need it,  7 days a week. We are HAPPY to help you.




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Bonus packages start at $100 value.

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Miss the Aug 18 LIVE training? Watch the Recording on Worldprofit's YOUTUBE Channel.


Note: There is NO training session FRIDAY AUG 25.


Next training Friday August 31. 9 AM ET.


See all Worldprofit videos here:


Need help? Looking for something?  
Contact our HELP team for assistance 7 days a week, 365 Days a year's Universal One Source Platform: 

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It's not too late,  Start now and think BIG and LONG term.


Worldprofit is a hosting and software provider supporting online business owners with a universal platform for training, sales and marketing. 
The purpose of this LIVE interactive weekly training is to help you understand how to access and use the many tools, software and resources that make up your Worldprofit Membership. 


About George Kosch your Bootcamp Instructor,  CEO, Co-Founder,  Worldprofit Inc. 

George Kosch is a former Captain (Jet Pilot) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he took early retirement to create Worldprofit Inc., in 1994 along with co-founder Sandi Hunter. 
Every Friday, Worldprofit provides members with LIVE interactive training to teach you about affiliate marketing, to help you access and use the tremendous number of resources in your membership,
all designed with 1 purpose - to help you grow your own successful online business. Who better to teach you then the actual architect of Worldprofit's software, training and marketing system, George Kosch himself. 


Worldprofit's system is a comprehensive all inclusive business training and marketing platform. Learn at your own pace by following the online lessons geared to helping you learn about online marketing and  how to use your Worldprofit member resources.  Treat your Worldprofit business like that, a business. Be professional. be prepared to learn, put the time and effort into starting and growing it over time.      
Use Worldprofit website hosting, tools, software, advertising and training to grow any and all your online affiliate programs,  to promote Worldprofit services -- or those of our recommended vendors -- or programs you are involved in. 


Worldprofit's weekly training sessions are informal and all Member questions encouraged. If you need a demonstration or a service  or software explained in more detail, simply ask. The skills you learn in the training can be applied to marketing your own affiliate programs and / or promoting Worldprofit services to earn sales commission. The training, our support is all devoted to helping YOU start and GROW your own online business now and for many years to come. Worldprofit provides the foundation for your business, the tools, the building blocks for growth - plus  - the training and support. 




Worldprofit Inc., is the longest running and 1st Affiliate marketing company.
(Worldprofit started 1994; Amazon 1996)


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Yours In Success,
George Kosch Capt (ret'd) CEO & CoFounder